Welcome to Discord Place API Documentation

Welcome to Discord Place API. This documentation provides detailed information on how to use our API to manage bot statistics and gather user voting data on Discord Place.

What can you do with Discord Place API?

With Discord Place API, bot owners can effortlessly manage crucial bot statistics and access users who have voted for their bots on Discord Place. Here are some key features of our API:

  • Retrieve Voted Users: Obtain information about users who have voted for your bot on Discord Place. This data can be invaluable for creating vote-locked commands or rewarding users for their support.

  • Update Bot Stats: Keep your bot's statistics up-to-date on Discord Place by seamlessly updating information such as command count. This ensures that users have accurate and relevant information about your bot.

How to get started?

Getting started with Discord Place API is quick and easy. Simply log in to Discord Place website and head to the manage your bot section. Here, you will find your API key, which you can use to authenticate your requests to the API.

You can then use this API key to make requests to our API endpoints and access the data you need to manage your bot effectively.

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